Before doing search about the best dentists, you must know that what are the various dental problems and their causes:

  • Cavities: caused by eating too much chocolates
  • Abscessed teeth: when the tooth pulp diseased
  • Injured teeth: causes due to accident or chewing hard material
  • TMD: Temporomandibular disorders: due to chronic stress and tension
  • Oral cancer: due to consumption or too much alcohol and tobacco.
  • Dry Mouth: consuming tobacco. Drugs, painkillers and other allopathic medicines
  • Misalignment: due to the gap between two teeth or teeth lost due to disease and injury


Thus, these were some most fundamental diseases related to teeth.

It is very difficult to survive without teeth. You cannot smile, you cannot eat properly and you suffer pains. Therefore, your confidence becomes totally lost. Bad tooth ache can shake your whole nerve system causes swelling and headache.

If you are exploring the internet to find out the best cosmetic dentist St. Louis and dental implants St. Louis Mo, then at Stallings Dental in US, you will find everything to cure all dental problems at reasonable prices. Their services include Comprehensive dentistry, cleanings & prevention, restorations, Invisalign, Cosmetic dentistry and implants.

If you want to change the shape, size alignment of your teeth, cosmetic dentist St. Louis is finest service at Stallings Dental. The other treatments such as:

  • Replacing of missing teeth
  • Filling space between teeth
  • Change the shade of teeth: brighten or lighten
  • Repairing of broken or cracked teeth


While in dental implants St. Louis Mo, the artificial tooth roots are implanted. The implants are seemed like metal screws which are fused to the bones of teeth. Thus, if someone has lost his teeth, then with teeth implants, he can replant his teeth. Dental implants are artificial teeth looks like original.

Hence, to get rid of tooth pains and smile again with same confidence, then choose Stallings Dental as your dentist. You can know more about Stallings Dental by visiting at:

Cosmetic Dentist St Louis

Resolve all dental problems by experienced dentists in St. Louis

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